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Simple CPR-feedback for every first responder

SimCPR®Trainer with free App is a new revolutionary training tool. It also shows you how our simple SimCPR®-feedback works.

SimCPR®Pro (available Q4 2021) makes CPR more effective.
Simple affordable feedback optimizes chest compressions of every first responders.


SimCPR®Trainer is used by students during CPR-training and meets the requirements of the American Heart Association (AHA) for feedback devices. It provides visual feedback on rate and correct compression/decompression during CPR training.

In combination with the free SimCPR®Trainer App also audio feedback is added and students can test their skills scores on depth, rate and CPR-pauses.

With our trainer students also learn how to use our medical device for CPR-feedback the SimCPR®Pro (available Q4 2021). 

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How does SimCPR®Pro work?

SimCPR®Pro (available Q4 2021) supports first-responders to perform effective chest compressions according to the international CPR-guidelines.

The smart SimCPR®-accelerometer accurately calculates the distance between compression and decompression. 

After switching the device on, the flashing red LED indicates a correct tempo of chest compressions (110/min).

As long as compression-decompression is less than 5 cm/2 inches, the red LED will continue flashing. This means compressions are not deep enough and/or the recoil of the victim’s chest is not complete.

As soon as compression-decompression of the chest is more than 5 cm/2 inches, the green LED will flash (110/min). 

This form of feedback improves the quality of CPR, even by healthcare professionals (Resuscitation 2019).

How does SimCPR®Pro work?

The inventors

Dr. Harry Palsma, MD

Dr. Harry Palsma, MD

Dr. Palsma studied medicine (MD) and has more than 25 years of expertise in bystander CPR.

He trained thousands of students, wrote several first aid books and developed SimCPR-feedback in his mission to optimize survival from cardiac arrest. 

Dr. Erik Damen

Dr. Erik Damen

Dr. Damen has a doctorate (PhD) degree in physics, with 25 years of expertise in accelerometers.

After working for Philips, he started several companies with different accelerometer applications. He joined his experience with Dr. Palsma to develop SimCPR-feedback.