Your smartwatch as CPR Trainer!

The easiest way to learn Hands-Only CPR!

Smart CPR Trainer is the first smartwatch app with feedback on chest compression depth and rate.

The app is based on our SimCPR® wristband and provides extra feedback through vibrations, icons and voice prompts.

Everyone with a smartwatch can train Hands-Only CPR within a few minutes. The app can also be used to repeat your chest compression training.

According to the America Heart Association (AHA) HandsOnly CPR can be just as effective as conventional CPR.

Smart SimCPR Trainer is now available for the Apple Watch (Android devices will follow soon).

Chest compression feedback on your smartwatch!

Download the Smart CPR Trainer iOS app now!

Smart CPR Trainer app

This video shows the feedback on your smartwatch during CPR training after installing the Smart CPR Trainer app.

Vibration and icons indicate that depth and/or tempo are not correct. During good CPR the green smiley appears and vibrations stop.


The first wristband that supports you during CPR!

SimCPR®Pro provides rescuers accurate feedback for optimizing CPR during a cardiac arrest. 

The wristband with smart SimCPR®-accelerometer accurately calculates compressions depth and tempo.

The green LED-light confirms that chest compressions are within the CPR-guidelines of depth (≥ 50mm/2inches) and tempo (100-120/min).

Studies show that this kind of feedback improves CPR-quality and is associated with better survival in case of a cardiac arrest.1,2

SimCPR®Pro also gives rescuers more confidence during a CPR-event.


1.Lu, T.C., Chang, Y.T., Ho, T.W., Chen, Y., Lee, Y.T., Wang, Y.S. et al. Using a smartwatch with real-time feedback improves the delivery of high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation by healthcare professionals. Resuscitation. 2019; 140: 16–22
2. Graham Nichol et al. Compression depth measured by accelerometer vs. outcome in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Resuscitation. 2021;167:95-104

World's first CPR wristband!

SimCPR® Medical

Imagine that a simple wristband supports you in providing optimal CPR!

Medical doctor and inventor Dr. Palsma explains how his invention improves saving lives.

SimCPR®Pro Trainer

Low-cost solution to upgrade CPR-manikins

A separate SimCPR® Pro Trainer is available for CPR-education. This trainer exactly simulates the use of the SimCPR®Pro.

The SimCPR® Trainer can also be connected to the free SimCPR® Trainer-app (Android and iOS).

It’s the most affordable way to upgrade manikins with CPR-feedback.



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What’s the difference between SimCPR® Pro and SimCPR® Trainer?

SimCPR® Pro is a medical device (Class 1), approved for administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

SimCPR® Trainer is not a medical device and is used during CPR-courses. The functionality of the CPR-feedback is the same as with the Pro.

In this way students can easily practice the use of the SimCPR® Pro for real CPR.

SimCPR® Trainer can also be connected with the free available SimCPR® Trainer app.

Who may use SimCPR® Pro?

Every first responder trained in CPR may use SimCPR® Pro during resuscitation.

When may I use SimCPR® Pro?

SimCPR® Pro is used to support first responders during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a suspected sudden cardiac arrest victim at least 12 years old.

How do I wear the wristband?

You can use the SimCPR® Pro on your left- or right wrist. Preferably you wear it around the wrist of the hand that makes contact with the victim’s chest.

Make sure you can see both LEDs clearly.

If you can not see the LED’s clearly, you can put the SimCPR® Pro also on the back of your hand, looking directly into the LEDs.

Make sure the band is well fixed so it can not move and follows the movements of the wrist or hand exactly.

What does SimCPR® Pro measure?

The medical device is worn on the wrist of first responders and the built in accelerometer accurately calculates the distance between compression and decompression.

As long as compression-decompression is less than 5 cm/2 inches, the red LED will continue flashing. This means compressions are not deep enough and/or the recoil of the victim’s chest is not complete.

As soon as compression-decompression of the chest is more than 5 cm/2 inches, the green LED will flash (110/min).

When both depth and tempo are within the guidelines the green LED is continously on.

How does SimCPR® Pro work?

After switching the device on, the flashing red LED indicates a correct tempo of chest compressions (110/min).

As long as compression-decompression is less than 5 cm/2 inches, the red LED will continue flashing. This means compressions are not deep enough and/or the recoil of the victim’s chest is not complete.

As soon as compression-decompression of the chest is more than 5 cm/2 inches, the green LED will flash (110/min).

This form of feedback improves the quality of CPR, even by healthcare professionals (Resuscitation 2019).

Does SimCPR® Pro measure leaning on the chest?

Indirectly it does. For example:

When the first responder compresses the chest 5,5 cm (2,2 inches) and keeps leaning 1 cm (0,4 inches), the device measures 4,5 cm (1,8 inches) compression/decompression. In this case the red LED keeps on flashing.

Before the first responder starts pushing harder, he/she has to check if the chest is fully released at the end of decompression.

When the chest is fully released, the device will measure 2,2 inches and the green LED will start flashing.

Does it indicate a tempo for CPR?

The flashing of the red or green LED indicate a correct tempo for CPR (110/min).

When depth is OK, a solid green LED indicates that tempo is also correct (100-120/min).

How long does the battery last?

The battery of the SimCPR® Pro will last for 6 year life in stand-by modus or 100 active hours of use.

Can I check the battery capacity?

You can check the battery life fast and easy by turning the device on and turning it off again.

After turning it off (pressing the ON/OFF-button for 2 seconds or more) the green or red LED will light up short. When the green LED lights up, the battery life is still sufficient. If the red LED lights up you have to exchange your SimCPR® Pro for a new one.

When will the products be available?

At this moment SimCPR®Pro is only available in the Netherlands.

FDA approval is expected in Q4 2022.

SimCPR® Trainer can be sold worldwide.


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