Apple Watch as CPR Trainer

Smart CPR Trainer is a new and revolutionary app that turns your Apple Watch into a private CPR Trainer. For just a few dollars, you can now learn to save a life within minutes.

It’s for the first time that the Apple Watch is able to measure accurately CPR depth and rate by using its built-in accelerometer. Android smartwatches will follow soon.

Earlier the SimCPR Trainer was launched, a wristband with an accelerometer to support CPR-students during training. Now, the software technology has been integrated into a smartwatch to train more people in Hands-Only CPR. According to the America Heart Association (AHA) HandsOnly CPR can be just as effective as conventional CPR.

The Smart CPR Trainer-app provides CPR-feedback to optimize depth and rate of chest compressions. It can be used during CPR-classes on a manikin and at home on a mattress or pillow. Vibrations and icons alert the user when CPR is not according to the international guidelines of depth and rate.

Medical studies show that smartwatch feedback improves CPR-quality of both professionals and lay rescuers (1,2,3).

SimCPR will share her technology with organizations and companies who want to train more people in Hands-Only CPR.

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