SimCPR®Pro launch in Europe

Past years we have developed, tested and sold different wristbands for CPR-feedback for training. Our third model of the Pro-Trainer was used to produce the medical device SimCPR®Pro.

From the beginning we wanted to develop CPR-feedback that could be used during training (simulation) and real CPR.

According to our founder Dr. Palsma (MD) it makes no sense to train with feedback and rescue without. Feedback during a rescue provides confidence to first responders and optimizes CPR.

Our feedback simulator (Pro Trainer) can be used during CPR-courses and our medical device (Pro) during real CPR.

The affordable price and it’s simplicity makes it possible for all rescuers to use CPR-feedback and do chest compressions according the CPR-guidelines.

With the SimCPR®Pro we hope that CPR-feedback will become a new standard for resuscitation.

SimCPR®Pro will first be launched in the Netherlands and also be presented at the congress of the European Resuscitation Council in Antwerp (16-17 June).