Startup award for world’s first CPR wristband

SimCPR has won the award for best startup in Drenthe 2022. The young company from Roden has developed a wristband for CPR, which is of great value during resuscitation. It increases the chances of survival of a cardiac arrest.

“This award is a very nice boost”, says Harry Palsma (MD) of SimCPR. “My life’s work has been optimizing CPR. The wristband is a small tool that can have a big impact worldwide!”

The SimCPR wristband helps rescuers to perform chest compressions according to the guidelines of depth and tempo. ‘If you are a rescuer, you might have been training a lot on a CPR-manikin with feedback. But one day you really have to do CPR on a patient who can be fat, thin, large or small. How can you know you are pushing hard and fast enough? At that moment you really would like to have feedback,” says Palsma.

“People are afraid for pushing too deep with the risk of breaking ribs. The minimum depth for CPR is 2 inches and that is quite a lot. Studies show that optimal chest compressions creates better survival.”

“This invention has gone through seven years of development,” continues the award winner. “It’s the first feedback device that works great during training and CPR itself.” Fortunately the jury saw the unique possibilities for our SimCPR-wristband.