Introduction SimCPR®Pro

After years of R&D we are proud to introduce the SimCPR®Pro, a new medical device for CPR-feedback (launch Q4 2020).

Introducing our first training product in 2017, rescuers mentioned that our product could also be very helpful during real CPR. Since then we started developing the SimCPR®Pro as a medical feedback device.

With real victims it is hard to apply the correct depth of chest compressions. SimCPR®Pro shows a correct tempo and indicates when chest compressions are deep enough. This feedback optimizes survival and makes rescuers confident performing CPR.

SimCPR®Pro can be used by any rescuer and operates stand-alone. For self-training and upcoming features this device is also able to connect with the free SimCPR®-app (Android & iOS).

It’s low price (retail price €69,-) and ease of use makes SimCPR®Pro suitable for all rescuers in order to save more lives.

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