SimCPR sensor

  • SimCPR use

    After downloading the SimCPR app (Android and iOS) you can use the wristband on any manikin that you can push for at least 65mm!
    SimCPR is a low cost training tool for instructors and students. It's also great fun for kids to learn CPR at schools.
    Science tells us it's important to train for High-quality CPR.

    It's to expensive to train everyone with sophisticated manikins and software to test the necessary skills.

    This is why we have developed a low-cost sensor that communicates with a CPR-training app on your smartphone/tablet.

    SimCPR can be used by instructors and/or first responders to test and evaluate chest-compressions skills.

    Large organizations can contact us to develop their own app to be connected with SimCPR.

  • SImCPR in a manikin

    You can also put the SimCPR-sensor in a low cost manikin.
    This is an easy way to upgrade your manikin and see if students are competent.