SimCPR Pro

The SimCPR®Pro wristband provides feedback on depth and tempo of chest compressions

The built-in SimCPR® accelerometer analyzes the compression movements and accurately calculates the distance traveled (depth). 


How does the SimCPR®Pro feedback works?

The flashing red or green LED (110/min) indicates a correct tempo of chest compressions.

As long as the distance traveled is less than 5 cm/2 inches, the red LED will continue flashing.

The red flashing can also mean that the rescuer is leaning too much on the victim’s chest.

As soon as the distance covered is more than 5 cm/2 inches, the green LED will flash. 

The study below shows that this form of feedback even significantly improves the quality of CPR by healthcare professionals.

Lu, T.C., Chang, Y.T., Ho, T.W., Chen, Y., Lee, Y.T., Wang, Y.S. et al. Using a smartwatch with real-time feedback improves the delivery of high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation by healthcare professionals. Resuscitation. 2019; 140: 16–22